Final Results

You can find your benchmark score in the “score.txt” file within your tool’s directory.

The final ranking is a follows:

  1. evosuite with 156.9459 points on average
  2. randoop with 101.8129 points on average
  3. t2 with 50.4938 points on average
  4. dsc with 43.3208 points on average
We do not have a ranking for the manual tests, since we do not know how much time the developers spent to develop the manual test cases. The benchmark score can thus only be given as a function of t_gen:  score_manual = 246.5554 – 5 * t_gen

The zip file also contains the score tool which aggregates the results of a single run as well as multiple runs.

./score ../evosuite/run1/results.txt      // score for a single run
./score ../evosuite      // final score averaged over all runs