Fifth Round of the SBST Java Unit Testing Tool Contest (with SBST 2017 @ ICSE)

News for upcoming contest series

The junit contest infrastructure has moved to open source with BSD-3 license:

Four successful JUNIT tool competitions have left a mark in the Search-Based Software Testing International Workshops since 2013. We would like to be grateful for the awesome efforts involved around the every year tool competition. Big thanks to the workshops attendees, to the paper authors, to the organising and technical committees and to Tanja E.J. Vos for chairing and making the contests alive every year.

It has been decided that for the competitions there will be a new Chair every year, supported by a Deputy Chair that will become Chair in the following year. So we are making this a reality. We are proud to announce the Fifth Round of the competition chaired by Annibale Panichella, with Urko Rueda as Deputy Chair, that will be held at SBST in conjunction with ICSE 2017:

The competition setup will remain mostly similar to previous editions. You might find interesting the information about the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th contests:

Important dates

  • Deadline for installing a copy of your tool on the server ready to be run and collect the results: 28th of January
  • Test will be run starting from: 6th of February
  • The results of the competition will be communicated ASAP
  • Deadline for uploading the 4-page competition paper: 20th of February
  • Camera ready deadline is: 27th of February

We will soon announce useful information to participate in the upcoming 5th 2017 contest. Meanwhile, you can check the list of published papers.

1st contest, SBST2013 papers:

2nd contest, FITTEST2013 papers:

3rd contest, SBST2015 papers:

4th contest, SBST2016 papers: